Florida Department of Citrus


The Florida Orange Industry has been hit hard by a series of factors that have impacted the creation and sale of orange juice, most notably the spread of greening and continued consumer scrutiny around sugar in diets. As a result, the Florida Orange Growers have had to fight an uphill battle to continue to re-enforce the preference for Florida OJ with their key audience, Millennial Moms.

How We Did It

The Edible team determined the best way to connect with Millennial Moms and affect the narrative would be to engage with them where they were already spending their time connecting with other moms, looking for recipes, and searching for fun and educational activities for their kids – online, and particularly, via social. The team created custom content to promote across multiple channels. 42% of the FY17 budget was allocated to paid social programs across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with the goal of sharing fun, positive, and nutritional content. Search (both paid & SEO efforts), Native, and Display channels were also weaved into the program to create a holistic, multi-channel experience.


  • These activations had far-reaching impacts to the state of Florida. The Florida Economic/Market Research Committee determined that when consumers were served positive orange juice news, education, and informative OJ attributes, they were more likely to purchase orange juice.
  • This increased purchase decision had a huge impact – as part of the overall marketing activation, our content contributed to a 13% uptick in sales, resulting in $300MM of additional revenue for the state of Florida as well as 1,400 new jobs added.
  • The team accomplished this at scale and efficiency, with a low $0.65 cost per Millennial Mom, 4.6MM clicks driven to the FDOC website and 600MM impressions driven across channel.


sales increase


additional revenue for the state of Florida


new jobs added

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