Edible | Dedicated to culture, tastes and the business of food and beverage

Who We Are

We are a food and beverage specialized agency focused entirely on the culture, tastes and business of a rapidly changing industry. Founded in 2014, Edible sits within the Daniel J. Edelman Holdings (DJE) family of companies, and focuses on helping our clients make meaningful connections with their customers – whether through values-forward brand programs, increasing transparency in the supply chain or managing through implications of a changing export market. We help solve business challenges in an always-evolving marketplace.

What We Do

We love food and beverage. And we appreciate its complex place in our lives. We are constantly investigating what’s next, from journalist comings and goings to best practices for food policy shifts. Edible is a full scale communications marketing agency that operates distinctly from the other agency teams. We bring best-in-class thinking and resources by harnessing the power of our network — including culinary specialists, credentialed registered dietitians and healthcare professionals, food policy and issues specialists, former food journalists, non-governmental organization and corporate social responsibility activists and brand marketers.